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Trinity Place Shelter

The mission of Trinity Place Shelter is to help LGBTQ+ youth and young adults exit the cycle of homelessness. 

Trinity Place houses young people, ages 18-25, and is one of the only transitional shelters specifically for queer people in the city. Residents of Trinity Place, located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, can stay for up to 18 months and receive individualized care, respect, and access to a variety of social and educational services.

Staffed by social workers, Trinity Place provides a safe and affirming home with opportunities and resources to heal from the trauma of homelessness and rejection from families of origin while developing the skills necessary to build a meaningful future. Trinity Place Shelter is a non-sectarian 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

I don't feel like I live in a shelter

I live in a home. I just happen to have 9 other roommates.

You can let your guard down here

I didn’t feel this comfortable being myself anywhere else.

Trinity Place creates the sense of community

and the feeling that people care both residents and staff.

We get a lot of freedom

here which is part of why people feel so comfortable we have a great kitchen where we can cook our own food we can also shower anytime we want, even in the middle of the night.


View the 2022 Trinity Place Film

Generously created an donated by Red Summit Productions, Daphne Yeh, Kelsey Zhen

From Founding to 2022

Trinity Place Shelter was founded by a professional social worker, a pastor, and a teacher. In 2006, Kevin Lotz, LCSW, Pastor Heidi Neumark, and Lydie Raschka, M.Ed., opened the doors of Trinity Place and it has been continuously open for every night since.

In March 2020, Trinity Place responded to the COVID-19 crisis and became a 24-hour shelter. The emergency response led by the current director, Wendy Kaplan, saved lives. In expanding the hours and services during the pandemic, Trinity Place Shelter has grown and is looking forward to a future when that growth can be permanent. 

Your support is crucial in maintaining this momentum and allowing Trinity Place Shelter to holistically care for the LGBTQ+ community in New York.

Board of Directors

The Rev. Heidi Neumark
Executive Director

David McMahon
Board Chair

Anne Fry

Oscar Cragwell
Nicholas Forge
Aminda Hickman
Jennifer Ibrahim
Julian Moreno
Lydie Raschka
Paul Smith-Leonard
Dan Spinello
Stephen Von Der Launitz
Board Members